Online Advertising

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Online advertising is based on banner advertisements across
the top of a page, 590 pixels wide and 75 pixels high
and thumbnail advertisements, 100 pixels wide and up to 150 pixels high 

which are placed adjacent to the text

These advertisements can then be hyperlinked to your own web site
Irish American Post
can provide you with a page or pages continuing the text and images of your advertisement

Non-standard advertising is available and can be discussed with our advertising department. 

All rates are available on request.

Advertising images should be submitted either camera ready 
or as TIFF, JPEG or GIF files

Full Page advertising, hosted by 
Irish American Post
should be submitted as HTML files

Advertisements can be designed by the
Irish American Post
for an additional charge

To discuss your advertising requirements, 
phone our advertising department at 
(414) 273-8132 
Fax: (414) 273-8196 
or click here to submit your requirements online