JAN/FEB 2003 / VOL. 3 ISSUE 6
Publisher's Comments

This month, The Irish American Post gets into the spirit of Ireland with an editorial package on whiskeys, beer and — of course, pubs. There are even a few drink recipes to sample as the High Holy Season of March approaches. Remember, however, that drinkin' and drivin' are not good mixers.

On the Northern Ireland front, Johnny (Mad Dog) Adair has been left out in the cold as his paramilitary pals abandoned him and fled to Scotland. Hopefully, this might help put an end to the bloody in—fighting among rightwing gangs in the North. But we aren't holding our collective breath. Too much animosity still exists among the "hard men" and too much money can be made in the drug and prostitution world they control.

Toward the end of February, the Irish press photographers will again hold their annual awards ceremony honoring their top shooters. It promises to be a grand blowout as always. Again, The Post is planning to run the award-winning news photos in an upcoming edition. 

And speaking of news and journalism, read the interview with Hollywood director Joel Schumacher who's soon-to-be-released film on assassinated Irish journalist Veronica Guerin is bound to cause a stir. The reporter was killed on June 26, 1996, in a Dublin ambush while pursuing a story on Irish drug dealers. Less than a year earlier, Guerin had traveled to New York City to accept the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) International Press Freedom Award for her reporting on Ireland's criminal underworld.

Journalist/author Pete Hamill also talks about his latest book, Forever, and how he uses his newspaper expertise to craft stories.

So there is plenty to read in this issue. Pull up to your computer or run off the stories and settle into an easy chair to peruse The Post. Sip a refreshing beverage while you are at it.

Martin Hintz, publisher.

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