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Gaelic Foodies 
Chef Patrick Murphy
A Murphy Brings French Cuisineto the Heart of Wauwatosa
By Michelle Boyle
Ask Patrick Murphy, chef de cuisine of Le Rêve Patisserie and Cafe in downtown Wauwatosa, Wis., what he loves about his job and he'll tell you, "The fun is endless. It's a great feeling walking away from a busy dinner service knowing there were a lot of happy guests . [More]

Vince Milewski and Morganne MacDonald
It’s All in the Haggis at Macski’s
By Martin Hintz
For Vince Milewski and his wife Morganne MacDonald , it’s all about the haggis. Born and bred Wisconsinites, he grew up in Trevor and Morganne in Bristol. They now live in Dover, which is a far cry from Glasgow, even if ye take high road. The two partner with a burgeoning Gaelic food business.[More]

Brian Frakes
Pfister Hotel’s Frakes Adds Dash of Viking to Irish Cool
By Martin Hintz
Brian Frakes, executive chef in Milwaukee’s venerable, century-plus Pfister Hotel, has more than a bit of the Irish in him, even if he is a native of Brookfield, Wis. There’s a twist in that family tree, as well. His mom Karen is from the Finnish side of the family. [More]

Margaret Johnson
Johnson Brings Home the Art of Irish Cooking
By Michelle Boyle
What Margaret Johnson has accomplished with her career is what most people only dream of. She has taken her work experience of more than 30 years as a high school English and journalism teacher and combined it with her love of traveling in Ireland and her passion for cooking.[More]

Famine Pots 
Famine Pot History Brought to Life
By Mattie Lennon
In 2011, Donegal native John Cassidy was strolling on the banks of the Clogher River, in the townland of Cullenboy when he found a broken old famine-pot. He had it welded, restored and mounted outside Leghowney Community Hall. [More]

Famine Pots Retell Story of The Great Hunger
By John Cassidy
During the Great Famine, there was a famine pot located on the roadside in the Town land of Cullionboy, in the Parish of Townawilly in Co. Donegal. The famine pot became the property of local farmer, Patrick Colhoun.[More]

History of the Irish Famine Pot
By John Cassidy
Our aim is to highlight the vital role that the famine pots played during the Great Famine and to determine how many of the famine pots are still in existence.The famine hardships of ’Black 47’ are well documented, when Ireland became a country of homeless starving paupers and the nobility in their concern promised to eat less.[More]

400 Years Of Wicklow Songs And Music
By Mattie Lennon
County Wicklow inspired John Millington Synge, gave refuge to freedom fighters, welcomed lovers to it's hills and valleys and continues to provide tranquility, peace and relaxation for its many visitors. (Advertisement) [More]

O'Donnell Joins Wisconsin’s Circus Family
By Michelle Boyle
Early last fall, the Circus World Museum welcomed Scott O'Donnell as its new executive director. Just days into the job, O'Donnell graciously took a moment to share his background and future ambitions for facility located in Baraboo, Wis..[More]
Talty Captures Buffalo’s Soul in ‘Black Irish’
By Michelle Boyle
Author Stephan Talty is no stranger to literary success. His previous five nonfiction books have been bestsellers and are as varied as they are interesting, ranging from such topics as the "greatest double agent of World War II, Juan Pujol" in Agent Garbo, to an account of Henry Morgan, infamous pirate captain, in Empire of Blue Water which was also a New York Times bestseller. [More]

Sullivan Book Packs Punch
By Martin Russell
Author Christopher Klein never put on boxing gloves or stepped into a ring. Yet his latest tome features the boldest, baddest bare-knuckle battler ever to grace America boxing world.[More]

Images of America: Irish Milwaukee
A photo survey of Milwaukee’s marvelous Gaels, past and present!
$20 at Milwaukee area bookstores, the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center, Gerry O’Brien’s European Meat Market and other fine outlets.
Or order directly from The Irish American Post..(Advertisement). [More]

Cemetery Project Establishes Limerick’s Social History
Special to The Irish American Post
The first in a series of projects aimed at documenting the social history of Limerick through one of the country’s largest cemeteries has been completed. [More]
Mattie’s Musings 
Tea With the Dead and Other Happy Thoughts
By Mattie Lennon.
You are embalmer. It’s a Monday morning. You have just embalmed a corpse, dressed it in its finery ready for the funeral parlour. Having discarded your rubber gloves, put away the fluid and syringes, you turn into the little adjoining kitchen for a well-earned cup of tea. [More]

From Carlow to Graceland 
By Mattie Lennon 
 People from Co. Carlow are famous worldwide: Cardinal Francis Moran, William Dargan,
Myles Keogh and John Tyndall. But how much do you hear about William Presley? Everybody is familiar with songs by and about Elvis Presley. [More]


A Wolf By The Ears (A One Act Play)
By Mattie Lennon
The action takes place in the dayroom of a small Garda Station in a village in West Wicklow. The time is the late sixties.[More]

By Steven Gerard Farrell
He was a big man who could move quickly for one off his immense size. He was an Irishman with bulging muscles, reddish hair and a gold chain with an amulet of his god Lugh around his nick that symbolized that he was a Celt of high birth.[More]
All the Latest from Hollywood
By James Bartlett
It's the run-in to the awards season – climaxing of course with the Oscars in early 2014 – is starting to rev up, and there's already an Irish-flavored contender who might turn up in a few envelopes come trophy time: Philomena. [More] 

Holiday Flicks Always a Hit
By James Barlett
As the season to be jolly fades away until next December, we decided to take a look at some of the most popular Christmas movies of all time - movies that are on television year after year and many know almost word-for-word, yet never seem to lose their magic. [More]

No Rest for Filmic Irish
By James Barlett
Competition for the Golden Globes and the Oscars (among many other awards ceremonies) is hot this winter, and will hopefully see many Irish and Irish-American people getting the nod for their work.[More]

‘Stone’s Throw’ Captures Windblown Soul
of the Burren and Beyond

By Martin Hintz
Milwaukee filmmaker Cecelia Condit knows her way around Ireland’s rocky, remote Burren. Actually, while filming her critically-reviewed installation, Within a Stone's Throw , was a life-changing experience for her, [More]

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