First Digital Book by the Irish Photo Archive Documents JFK Visit

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The Irish Photo Archive and ePublish have published of its inaugural digital book, President John F. Kennedy Visits Ireland in 1963, launched by Minister of Diaspora Affairs Jimmy Deenihan at the Irish Consulate Building in New York on Nov. 4, 2014.

This digital book is the result of a collaboration between two different Irish companies, Irish Photo Archive and ePublish. Irish Photo Archive is the largest private collection of historical images in Ireland while ePublish is a new digital publishing agency working with independent authors to produce interactive digital publications.

President John F. Kennedy Visits Ireland in 1963 is structured around the images taken by the Lensmen photographers of JFK while he was on tour in Ireland. Many of these images have not been published since they were taken over 50 years ago, and many are unique. For instance, Andy Farren, one of the founders of the Lensmen agency, was the only professional photographer allowed inside the Kennedy homestead.

Minister Deenihan is also the first Minister for the Diaspora Affairs who selected this digital book as the Irish product he launched on his first official visit to the U.S. He indicated that he hoped this interaction of historical resources and expanding technology will open doors to new audiences abroad.

All images from President John F. Kennedy are available from the Irish Photo Archive as fine art prints. You can access them through links embedded in the book, or directly from its website, And each time the material in the digital book is updated or added to, your copy will also automatically be updated.


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