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Irish Comics Hit the Laughter Road 
Special to The Irish American Post 
The Irish Comedy Tour takes the party atmosphere of a pub and combines it with a four-man boisterous band of self-described hooligans. The tour makes a stop at Milwaukee’s Marcus Center's Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 15. [More]

Anthony Russell Writes of Tragedy and Redemption of Civil War Era
By Martin Russell
Anthony G. Russell’s compelling story of John Mitchel and Jenny Verner, two remarkable Irish nationalists, is also a hard look at flawed character, hardheadedness and an era’s tragedy. The gripping tale is found on the pages of Between Two Flags: John Mitchel & Jenny Verner
John Mitchel - The Flawed Hero; History Ireland , January, 2016
By Anthony Russell
November third 2015 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of John Mitchel, the son of a Presbyterian minister. He was acclaimed by Pearse who declared Jail Journal to be 'the last of the four gospels of the new testament of Irish nationality [More]
Gen. de Chastelain Attends Pearse Trial Play 
By Martin Russell 
The Trial of P. H. Pearse in the Court of History by Anthony Russell was staged at Jan. 19 in Dundalk Gaol and Jan. 20 at Holywell Trust, Derry. The charge is that he committed treason against the people of Ireland, by leading a violent rising. In Russell’s historical and political fantasy, Darcy McGee, former 1848 rebel and Canadian Loyalist, is prosecutor.[More]

Easy Reading for a Snowy Winter
By Martin Russell
One can’t escape winter, but a book or Nook aficionado can put stormy winds aside with these following seasonal reads. Here are a few recent favorites, albeit in no particular order. Just snuggle into your favorite easy chair and begin to read. [More]

400 Years Of Wicklow Songs And Music
By Mattie Lennon
County Wicklow inspired John Millington Synge, gave refuge to freedom fighters, welcomed lovers to it's hills and valleys and continues to provide tranquility, peace and relaxation for its many visitors. (Advertisement) [More]

Me and You
By Michael Mooney
The rent at the Kilbourn Arms was low, the apartments, of the type known as efficiencies, were furnished, and although some of the tenants had lived in the building forty years or more in that Middle Western town on the shores of a Great Lake in what had been, once upon a time, a neighborhood of respectability and class, others came and went according to the tide of their economic fortunes.[More]

Images of America: Irish Milwaukee
A photo survey of Milwaukee’s marvelous Gaels, past and present!
$20 at Milwaukee area bookstores, the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center, Gerry O’Brien’s European Meat Market and other fine outlets.
Or order directly from The Irish American Post..(Advertisement). [More]

Tales from the Donal
By Donal Mahoney 

The Farrell Clan and Major League Baseball
By Steven Farrell
As a writer, it is always fun to play around with words as well as ideas. I am also a historian who enjoys researching things that may be overlooked by others in my field of interests. With this paper I shall write about two of my favorite subjects: my Irish surname of Farrell and the sport of baseball.[More]

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