WINTER 2016-2017 / VOL. 16 ISSUE 1
This Month's Poem

A Dip In the Ocean

The more I read
  Yeats and other great poets
The firmer I close
  my memory drawer
      of banal metaphors,
         allegories, rhythms, and rants

Immersion in the ocean
  of poetic genius
    its waves casting
      me lifeless and dry
        onto the shore
No longer adrift
No longer forcefully paddling
  but subdued and still
Sunburned down
  to my big toe twiddling
      in the nearest ripple

Put the pen down
  I say
Cover yourself in
  fashionable clothing
Retreat to the shadows
  under the boardwalk.

ó Elliot O. Lipchik

Editorís Note:
Prolific poet and retired radiology professor Elliot O. Lipchick lives in Milwaukee. His Toast to 12 Poets was published in 2014, pairing his favorite writers with "a particular grape, wine or alcoholic drink."


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