SUMMER 2017 / VOL. 17 ISSUE 1

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Cullens Build on Their Celtic Past to Make a Bright Family Future
By Martin Hintz
There is something to be said about "building" on one’s heritage. At least that maxim has gotten the Irish Cullens far ahead in the construction business. This year, 2017, the Janesville, Wis., family is celebrating its 125th year in the field. [More]


Tommy’s Honour Captures Historical Experience of
Golfing Walk Well Taken 
 With a backdrop of Scotland’s stunning "golfscape," the latest film by Wisconsinite Jim Kreutzer, Tommy’s Honour tackles the sometimes tense intimacy between father Tom (Old Tom) Morris and son Tommy (Young Tom) as they popularize the sport. [More]

Paddy Murphy and the Three Don’ts
By Steven G. Farrell
Brian Clancy (played by Jason McCarthy) and Benson Yau (played by Nathan Wong), two down-on-their luck aspiring criminals, believe if they play their cards right, they’ll be able to walk away from the scene of a major score with a small fortune. The success of their scheme means that they’ll have to deal with the crazy and demonic Banger (played by Adam Moylan). [More]

400 Years Of Wicklow Songs And Music
By Mattie Lennon
County Wicklow inspired John Millington Synge, gave refuge to freedom fighters, welcomed lovers to it's hills and valleys and continues to provide tranquility, peace and relaxation for its many visitors. (Advertisement) [More]

Food, Family Makes Great Stew for Bayfield Writer/Photographer
"Generations of men and women have stood on these beaches, listened to water rushing over these basalt rocks, and picked wild blueberries here well before I sailed into the Bayfield harbor."[More]

Good Grub
Belfast-born Chef & Restaurateur Gilliland Launches Cookbook
By James Bartlett
A Belfast-born chef and restaurateur, Geraldine Gilliland came to America more than 40 years ago and fell in love with Santa Monica as soon as she arrived, cashing in not only her Greyhound bus ticket back to New York, but also her return ticket to Ireland.[More]

Images of America: Irish Milwaukee
A photo survey of Milwaukee’s marvelous Gaels, past and present!
$20 at Milwaukee area bookstores, the Irish Cultural & Heritage Center, Gerry O’Brien’s European Meat Market and other fine outlets.
Or order directly from The Irish American Post..(Advertisement). [More]

Wisconsin’s Mr. Potato Man Revels in Extensive Gaelic Links
To talk spuds, The Irish American Post caught up with Tamas Houlihan, executive director of the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association..[More]

Grandmother’s Lament
A poignant poem by Elliot O. Lipchik with a potato subject.[More]

Vaulter Tori Peña Sets Her Sights Higher and Higher
By James Bartlett
As Ireland’s number one pole vaulter and record holder, Tori Peña is quite the topic of conversation in the country’s sports-mad country. As you might have suspected from her last name, Peña, 28, is a rather unusual competitor to pull on the green. [More]

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