SUMMER 2017 / VOL. 17 ISSUE 1

Grandmotherís Lament

A Polish grandmother
   told stories of the old country
   and the horrors of World War I
Of digging in the black mud
   of the killing fields
   to harvest potatoes and crumpled bones
She hid her two sons under
   potato filled bins
   to avoid their conscription
   into the marauding armies

The Irish grandmother's lament-
   the lack of potatoes 
Empty bins to scrape
Starvation - the killing fields 
Infertile pathogenic soil 
    diseasing all potato growth

Both Polish abundance
   and empty Irish bins
Twins of remnant energy
Fueling the exodus 
   to the New World
With the promise of freedom,
  healthy soil, and full bellies.

ó Elliot O. Lipchik



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