by Edward Albee

March 2007

Edward Albee's Pulitzer prize winning play "A Delicate Balance," a world famous drama reveals the emotional savagery of suburbia and the psychological terror of empty lives. First produced in 1966, this dark drawing room comedy may be Albee's masterpiece and was as powerful in it's 1996 Broadway revival as in its original production.
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Off The wall's stunning production featured some of Milwaukee's finest actors in what may have proved to be the performances of their careers. David Flores played Tobias, the seemingly weak willed head of the house, and Marilyn White played Agnes, his determined wife, to whom falls the dubious duty of "keeping the balance."  This is not always easy, since alcoholic sister Claire, played by Tamara Martinsek, often speaks the "TRUTH" about things.  In most of our lives a happy balance and truth are enemies! Matters are not helped when daughter Julia returns home after leaving her fourth husband. Angela Johnstad plays Julia.

Matters are further complicated when neighbors Harry and Edna arrive fleeing from an un-named horror at home. Lawrence Lukasavage and Mary Henricksen played these ominous roles.  Laughter turns to tears as the masks of civility drop and raw feeling emerge. Filled with brilliant dialogue and layers of meaning, the play becomes a mirror of the best and worst of our lives. 

Dale Gutzman directed and David Roper designed the set.