Conceived and Directed by
Dale Gutzman

Musical Direction by Chris Wszalek

Performed in February 2007

This show was fondly dedicated to the memory of
Michael Kalinyen,

a most talented showman and a dear friend of the first order.
His love of art gave meaning to many lives, and his warmth
and humor brought joy to all who knew him.

Michael J Kalinyen

The cast consisted of those who were MIchael Kalinyen's
friends and who had worked with him.

Jason Alan
Michael Davis
Dale Gutzman
Bob Hirschi
Ginny Jenkins
Lawrence Lukasavage
Annie Mater
Frank O'Dwyer
Kristin Pagenkopf
Heather Reynolds
Sharon Rise
Linda Stieber
Jeremy Welter
Heidi Woehlck
Kurtis Wilztsteiner