The Lady
in Question

by Charles Busch

July 2007

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The funniest show of the Summer came to Off the Wall Theatre in July 2007.

Charles Busch's parody of 1940's Humphrey Bogart anti-Nazi films called The Lady In Question is a Mel Brooks like laugh extravaganza.

Mark Hagen played Gertrude Garnet, an international pianist who finds herself staying at the Alpine schloss of Baron Von Elsner, an evil Nazi sympathizer played by Dale Gutzman. His lunatic power mad mother was played by Cynthia Paplaczyk. Gertrude's best friend Kitty is a typical comid side-kick of the period and was played by Kristin Pagenkopf. But no one expect them to run up against the Baron's secret weapon...his twelve year old Nazi nymphet niece Lotte, played with scene stealing relish by Karl Miller. It was up to Jeremy Welter as the Bogart type character to save Gertrude and ensure a happy ending which entails an escape down a dangerous ski slope.