Presented in 
December 2008

Holiday Punch Goes Green 

It's that time of year, for Christmas and Holiday Punch at Off the Wall Theatre.  The annual comedy and music revue is the oldest continuing holiday day show in Milwaukee, and as fans of the Holiday Burlesque know, anything goes. This year the Punch Gang  went green with many songs and sketches devoted to environmental concerns. A rainforest gorilla was brought on stage for an interview of sorts. The set and costumes were recycled from other productions. Everything old was new again.  Cher's comeback in Las Vegas was  treated with a drag routine. Christmas in Prison was viewed in a shockingly funny  Modern Dance  piece. The cast paid musical  tribute to IKEA.  There was a tribute to THE LION KING being 25 years old, with the entire cast performing Circle of Life in home made animal costumes. The political year was touched on with Sarah Palin and John McCain doing a soft shoe number, and the cast going into full swing in "Obama Mia!"  The gay marriage of Star Trek's Mr. Sulu was covered in song and skit, and Technical director David Roper discoursed on "Riding a bus in Milwaukee and the types of people one meets!" The Market slump was explored through the song, "Brother Can You Spare a Dime." And the show ended with the entire Holiday Punch Family recreating a number by the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. 

The show was also filled with many of your favorite holiday songs including, Sleigh Ride, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and Hard Candy Christmas. 

      The large and talented cast this year consisted of  writer, director, Dale Gutzman, Technical Director David Roper, Lawrence Lukasavage, Mary Henricksen, Kristin Pagenkopf, Sharon Rise, Jeremy Welter, Heather Reynolds, Natasha Mortazavi, David Kaye, Kurtis Witzelsteiner, Liz Mistele, Michael Davis,withMusic Director Chris Wszalek at the piano. 

The show featured, song, dance, audience participation, and even a comedy video of how Dale discovered some of Milwaukee's favorite actors and actresses.