Book by George Furth
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

September 2009

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Following it's record breaking run of “SWEENEY TODD,” OFF THE WALL THEATRE closed out it's summer with another smash Stephen Sondheim musical, “COMPANY.” Written with George Furth, COMPANY the award winning musical comedy sensation about love and commitment in New York City. The story concerns thirty-five year old Bobby and his inability to settle down with one partner. His married friends try to help, but do they succeed? As he looks at their lives, he becomes even more confused when they go on diets, give up drinking, try pot, get divorced, fall in and out of love, and fantasize about "getting a little something on the side!" "What's it all about? What do you get?" he asks. And of course being a Stephen Sondheim musical, he asks in most amazing lyrics written to accompany beautiful, driving melodies. 

"COMPANY" contains the legendary Sondheim hits, "The Ladies Who Lunch," "You Could Drive a Person Crazy," and "Being Alive." There is a lilting comic love duet, "Barcelona," and the show stopping, "Side By Side By Side." 

This time around, OFF THE WALL's intimate space was transformed into an abstract New York Apartment, quite a transition from SWEENEY TODD's Victorian London street. Set Designer David Roper built a curved staircase and a series of floating discs to capture the unsettled state of Bobby's life. Playing Bobby was Ben George who appeared at OFF THE WALL in "THE FROGS," "HAMLET," and "JACQUES BREL." Joining him was a plethora of OFF THE WALL regulars fresh out of SWEENEY TODD, including the magnificent Marilyn White, Bob Hirschi (who just played Sweeney) Sharon Rise, Kristin Pagenkopf, Lawrence Lukasavage, Jeremy Welter, and Heather Reynolds. Add to the mix other OFF THE WALL favorites, Liz Mistele and Kurtis Witzlsteiner, and talented newcomers Ryan Cappleman, Lisa Golda, Jaquline Raush, and Marcee Doherty and we had a powerhouse cast needed for this fast, funny, touching musical. Chris Wszalek musical directed and led the band, and the entire production was directed by Dale Gutzman