by Lewis Carroll
Adapted by Jeremy Welter

February 2011

Liz Mistele as ALICE IN WONDERLAND, with Jeremy Welter as the Mad Hatter. What more need we say?  Mr. Welter created a wild and wonderful stage adaptation of this timeless story. NO, THIS WAS NOT A CHILDRENS' SHOW.  YES, IT WAS VERY VERY OFF THE WALL.  In a psychedelic set created by David Roper, Jeremy Welter's stunningly talented cast which included Eric Nelson, Mark Hagen, Donna Lobacz, and Jacquline Roush, romped and played with a definitely nasty edge. The show was funny, frantic, fantastic, and a bit frightening. Here was an Off the Wall show to compete with any  modern radical "street theatre" in Milwaukee. For years, Off the Wall has done first what other theaters in town later imitate.  We have broken boundaries, tackled controversial subjects, and found new and experimental ways to tell stories on the stage. It was Off the Wall Theatre that brought Caligula, The Rocky Horror Show, Child's Play, The Shadow Box, A Delicate Balance, Edward II, and Scenes of Love and Death in the Third Reich to Milwaukee theatre audiences in our tiny space at 127 E. Wells St. And that same bravura brought you an ALICE IN WONDERLAND  that will remain the talk of the Milwaukee Theatre community.