* In two parts *
Book by Jules Vernes
Lyrics by Dale Gutzman

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Off The Wall Theatre launches its eleventh season with a musical of epic proportions. A show so big it's being presented in two sections, Around The World In 80 Days The Musical is one show with two parts, four acts, 18 actors playing over 200 roles, and twenty-three toe tapping fun-filled musical numbers from the world of The Victorian Music Hall and Operetta, all for the ridiculously low price of $ thirty dollars. One ticket gains you entrance for both parts of this adventurous romp where the accent is on comedy and craziness. Gasp at a murderous cult of East Indian Thugees about to commit human sacrifice! Race to the rescue atop a wild elephant! Fight off vicious savages aboard a train crossing the old West! Visit an exotic Oriental Opium Den! Fall in love with enticing Egyptian belly dancers! Attend an elegant ball given on a steamship crossing the ocean! Wonder at the skill of the athletic Japanese Long Noses! And sail in a hot air balloon!

All of this and more for a mere $30 dollars! Only through the good graces of Off The Wall Theatre Director Dale Gutzman, and his band of intrepid performers can such an offer be made possible.

Each part of the show may be view separately on Wed, Thurs. or Fri. evenings over the course of two weeks. And the entire show (with supper break between halves) may be seen on Saturdays and Sundays for three weekends. The weekend performances are already filling up, so order your tickets now. With a steller cast of 18 who change accents and characters as quickly as they don new costumes, the show features Robert Hirschi, one of Milwaukee's finest thespians as Mr. Philias Fogg who wagers that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Accompanying him is his courageous valet Passpartout, play with facile skill by Jeremy Welter. Mr. Robert Zimmerman of some local theatrical prominence plays the private detective Fix, who follows Fogg on his journey and does everything in his power to stop him. The mysterious Indian princess, Aouda, who falls in love with Fogg will be portrayed on stage by Miss Heather Reynolds. And playing everyone in the world are: Marilyn White, Kristen Pagenkopf, Chris Elst, Jeff Grygny, Lawrence J. Lukasavage, Thomas Welcenbach, Paul Pfannenstiel, David Kaye, Natasha Mortazavi, Barb Zafros, Marcee Doherty, Nancy Visintainer-Armstrong, Michael Davis, Mark Ninneman, Donna Lobacz, Roger Uscila, and Sandy Lewis. Choreographing and assisting Mr. Gutzman's directing will be the lovely and talented Sharon Rise.

The book and lyrics for this mad extravaganza have been written by Mr. Dale Gutzman, while the music is taken from beloved operetta and music hall favorites. Mr. Ernest Brusubardis, he of the talented fingers, serves as music director for the show, as well as arranging tunes from around the globe to support the players. The eye-popping set featuring the latest stereo-optican projections and hand decorated scenic marvels is being created by Mr. David Roper.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to see a Chinese Opium soft-shoe? Do you want to witness a giant elephant made out of old luggage? Do you want to recoil from a locomotive breaking down an ominous wooden barrier, or a steamship being burned to bits even as it tries to reach Liverpool? Do you long to bask in the glory of Queen Victoria, live on our stage?

Get with it! Order your tickets today!

Part 1
at 7:30pm
 Part 2
at 7:30pm

Those attending Part 1 on Oct. 20, 21 or 22
may opt to attend Part 2 on any of the 
Oct. 27, 28 or 29 evening performances
subject to availability

One Day Performances
Part 1 at 4:00pm
Part 2 at 7:30pm
There will be a supper break between
part 1 and part 2
China Gourmet, next door to our theatre, is offering a buffet dinner for $13.95 with a special treat if you show your ticket.

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