February 2012

Off The Wall Theatre's first show of 2012 was Wendy Wasserstein's "The Sisters Rosensweig". The show centers around three Jewish American sisters, two of whom are living abroad, joining in London to celebrate sister Sara's birthday. However, the reunion becomes much more than that as they all take journeys to discover and reconnect with the lives they have left behind. The play is held together by a richly woven dialogue of these three sisters pushing against the boundaries of their own lives in order to define themselves. The sisters manage to transform both themselves and their lives in the course of one evening along with capturing several social and political issues that gave shape to the late part of the 1980s  the fall of the Soviet Union, Reaganomics, and the plight of the homeless, to name a few. Unified by their sisterhood, they are as different as only sisters can be, as each tries to live up to an image imposed by their family. It is a play of comedy and also a play of character and shared reflection.

The cast included: Donna Lobacz as Sara, Liz Norton as Gorgeous, Cheryl Roloff as Pfeni, Liz Mistele as Tess, Steve Pfisterer as Merv, Parker Cristan as Geoffrey, and Clayton Hamburg as Tom. The show was directed by Jeremy C. Welter and the technical director was David Roper