By William Shakespeare

Presented March/April 2012

Dale Gutzman's  unique production of Shakespeare's late Romantic play, " The Tempest"  was probably the high point of the Off The Wall Theatre season. It is a play about everything in life, including; music, comedy, love, fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, magic, revenge and forgiveness, redemption, art, spirits and spirits, fantasy, whimsy, and the amazing world of theatre itself.  As with all of his productions of Shakespeare, Gutzman made the play accessible to everyone. In addition to playing Prospero, the exiled Duke and Magician, who lives on a deserted island and craves revenge against his own brother, Gutzman gathered together a top-notch cast for this very special event. Marilyn White played Ariel, the Magician's spirit and muse, and Karl Miller played Caliban, the deformed monster and darker side of all of our natures. Jeremy Welter played Trinculo, a fussy fop of  a clown washed up on the shore, and Bob Hirschi played his friend the drunken Butler, Stephano. Liz Mistele played Prospero's teenage daughter who falls madly in love with the shipwrecked Prince of Naples, Ferdinand, played by Jon Knebel.  Prospero's brother was played by Tom Welcenbach, the King of Napes by Lawrence Lukasavage, and the evil Sebastian was played by Tairre Christopherson. Also in the cast were Michael DavisSandy Lewis, Barbara Zaferos, Barbara Webber, Joey Skataboo and Gregory Valentine.

An original score including eight new songs were composed and performed live by Glen Quarrie. Technical Director David Roper built an island set that included a steeply raked stage, trap doors, and several magical special effects. If you are familiar with Off the Wall Theatre, you know that we go all out for productions like these.

This magical evening of theatre was suitable for teenagers as well as adults and was a great way to expose young people to Shakespeare. It was filled from moment to moment with Punch and Judy type comedy, young love, and a celebration of everything that makes live theatre so special.

This off the wall production was made possible by the kind donation of John Angelos and Marilyn Johnson.