by Kander and Ebb
Book by Terrence McNally

May 2013

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Kander And Ebb, two legendary names in Broadway Musical history, the composers of Cabaret, Chicago, Zorba and more, have created one of the most thrilling and popular musicals ever produced; the multiple Tony Award winning Kiss of the Spider Woman, with a book by the renowned Terrence McNally. And now, OFF THE WALL THEATRE brought this stunning theatrical achievement to Milwaukee.

Artistic Director Dale Gutzman staged Kiss of the Spider Woman fourteen years ago, and he now returned to the piece with an all new concept. The musical show revamps a harrowing tale of persecution into a dazzling spectacle that juxtaposes harsh realities with liberating fantasies. Based upon the internationally famous novel by Manuel Puig, Kiss of the Spider Woman first became a staggeringly powerful London stage play starring the amazing Mark Rylance, who was Dale Gutzman's protege. Then it became an award winning film, and finally the mega-musical hit. 

Cell mates in a Latin American prison, Valentine is a tough revolutionary undergoing torture, and Molina is an unabashed homosexual serving eight years for deviant behavior. To escape from their torment, Molina shares with Valentine his love of romantic escapist musical films. The films, starring the love goddess Aurora, come to life, and do more than save the men's lives...they save their souls. Both men learn new meanings to the words LOVE and LOYALTY. The show is funny and furious, uplifting and undaunting, courageous and captivating. 

Starring as Aurora and the Spider Woman was Liz Norton, a powerhouse actress with a voice to bring down the house. Karl Miller played the sensitive role of Molina, and Jeremy C. Welter took the stage as the macho revolutionary, Valentin. Gutzman directed the show, and Anne Van Deusen was the musical director. 

The powerful and musically challenging roles of Molina's mother and Valentin's girlfriend were played by Milwaukee favorites Marilyn White and Alexandra Bonesho. The Warden was Lawrence Lukasavage, and Thomas Welcenbach and Richard Dickerson were the men assigned to "guard" the two prisoners. Others in the cast included Joel Spiess, Nathan Danzer, Danny Strayer, Paul Pfannenstiel, Jeff Anderson, and special guest actor Parker Cristan. 

The intimate interactive setting created by Technical Director David Roper enclosed the audience in the magical ambience of the play...taking them from the tiny confines of a jail cell, to the magical world of technicolor musical films.