Dale Gutzman's

The Creature from the 
Black, Black

A new hilarious holiday show with songs

December 2013
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Move over Scrooge!  Make way for the Creature. "The Creature from the Black, Black Lagoon" that is!  Set in the heart of  the Amazon Jungle on December the twenty-fourth, this  marvelously "Off the Wall" Christmas extravaganza was the hottest new holiday show in town. Dale Gutzman, famous for his" Holiday Punch" Christmas Revues, whipped up a  new confection of zany song, dance, and comedy. It's a parody of 1950's horror films and it is funny!  All the cheap, gaudy B movie trappings were present. You already know the plot from countless  horror film experiences.  Marine Biologist David Reed, who is handsome but nerdy, joins the kindly Dr. Maya to explore the depths of the Black Black Lagoon, in hopes of finding a prehistoric relic.  Accompanying them is David's brainy and beautiful assistant Kay Laverne and the fame seeking hedonist millionaire Mark Calhoun. The small shabby boat winds it's way up river under the command of the sleazy Captain Gonzales. All the men have eyes on the alluring Kay, especially when she performs her erotic swimming routine. But then a stranger arrives in the guise of Tanya, the wild and  beautiful jungle girl, looking to escape from her destiny as a human sacrifice to the God of the Deep!  and what is this god of the deep?  hang on to your seats. it's The Creature  from the Black, Black Lagoon!  And wouldn't you know it, The Creature falls in love with Kay. 

There's romance (some of it very strange indeed), adventure, comedy hi-jinx, beautiful exotic scenery, intrigue, passionate jungle sex (some of it very strange indeed), and songs. Yes, songs,  including "White Christmas," "Moonlight Becomes You," and "Pagan Love Song." 

The cast for this Melodious Maelstrom of Merry Madness included: Mark Hagen as Kay Laverne. (Yes, that's right, a man playing a woman. Did you ever think you'd see this at Off The Wall Theatre?)  Jeremy C. Welter was the handsome hero David Reed. (A real stretch for Jeremy.)  Jeff Anderson as the rich arrogant lady-killer Mark Calhoun (A character role for Jeff), Lawrence J. Lukasavage as the  dirty, sleazy, lecherous Captain Gonzales (No stretch for Larry), James Feeley  as the kindly Dr. Maya (Boring!), Alicia Rice as Tanya the Jungle Girl (she moved like a potato sack full of doorknobs),  and Mr. Nathan Danzer as The Creature From The Black, Black Lagoon

So put "The Nutcracker" on hold, our show is nuttier! Delay "Les Miserables," our show is more miserable! " Bypass "Scrooge" Our show has way more......well you know!  With musical arrangements by the stunning Jack Forbes Wilson and Technical Direction by the even stunninger David Roper, The Creature from the Black, Black Lagoon  was truly  something to behold.  
'See Kay Laverne torn between the love of a man and a monster!" 

"See David Reed And Mark Calhoun in a savage battle for male supremacy!" 

"See Tanya the jungle girl's mind warping, erotic sacrificial dance!" 

"See the kindly Dr. Maya be really really kind, cause it's christmas." 

"See the erotic water ballet that drives men to madness!" 

"See what the creature does alone in his dark, moist, cavern!"

'See the vicious deadly blow gun dart attack of the hoard of savages!" 

"See people in the audience pass out!" 



See Dale Gutzman's The Creature from the Black, Black Lagoon!" at off the wall theatre.