by Doug Wright, Scott Frankel, and Michael Korie

September 2013

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Off The Wall Theatre was thrilled to present the Midwest Premiere of the hilarious and heartbreaking cult musical sensation, "Grey Gardens." Based upon the true story and documentary film about the lives of Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale, the eccentric aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, once bright names on the social register who became East Hampton's most notorious recluses, this musical by Doug Wright, Scott Frankel and Michael Korie, took New York City by storm, transferring from Off Broadway, to Broadway, and winning rave reviews and numerous theatrical honors and awards. 
The New York Times:
  To listen to Grey Gardens is to bring to mind two phrases seldom linked nowadays: 'Broadway Musical' and 'Artistic Integrity.' The songs retain a level of refined language and psychological detail as elevated as Stephan Sondheim's. 
USA Today: 
The best musical of the year...Grey Gardens blooms with creativity. Some of the most tuneful and moving songs to grace an original musical in years. 
New York Magazine:
Grey Gardens is the Real Deal!!!! 
NYI News:
Darkly Thrilling. Quirky. An emotionally devastating tale of family and freedom. 
Entertainment Weekly:
Best musical of the year. Broadway's most daring new musical.  Grade A. 

Dale Gutzman directed a cast of Milwaukee's very best actors in this special presentation. Niffer Clarke, known and loved for her work at the Skylight Theatre, Jack Wilson, Milwaukee's musical genius who wowed the city with his Liberace at the Stackner Cabaret, and Marilyn White, one of the most highly respected performers in the area, joined forces along with younger powerhouse stars, Alexandra Bonesho and Jeremy Welter. Add the mix, the musical and acting skills of Robert Hirschi, Lawrence Lukasavage, Alison Pogoreic, and Olivier Pool , and we had one of the most important theatrical events of this or any other season. Technical Director, David Roper added a stunning set, and OFF THE WALL THEATRE once again took live theatre to it's own unique place. There is no other theatre company in town quite like OFF THE WALL. Dale Gutzman has devoted fourteen years to make each production something that not only thrills the audience, but stays with them long after they leave the theatre. 

In 1973, a documentary film was made of two eccentric women living in a sprawling dilapidated East Hampton's mansion along with fifty cats, bugs, filth, no washing facilities, broken plumbing, and an occasional wild animal or two.This is the story of how these women, once central figures in the Kennedy, Bouvier, Beale, social scene, fell from grace into disgrace. It's a story of survival and of the love/hate relationship of the ages. Show stopping Broadway production numbers mix with heart-tugging ballads to create a truly magnificent musical that must be seen.