March and April 2014

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 Off The Wall Theatre proudly to presented the most highly anticipated theater event of the season, Dale Gutzman and Marilyn White as Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Called the greatest love story ever written, the unusual twist in this production is that both stars are significantly older than the teenage couple they portray. Off The Wall's show was set in an Italian Retirement Home in the 1960's, where a group of senior citizens and their friends put on a production of the famous story of the hate between the Montagues and Capulets, and the extraordinary love that grows from it. The audience were guests invited to the event and were treated to Italian desserts and beverages. In the intimate setting of Off The Wall Theatre, they became a part of this amazing Shakespearean tapestry. 

Off The Wall Theatre Artistic Director Dale Gutzman worked for two years on this one of a kind event. He was inspired to take the risk from working with his Juliet, Marilyn White, whom he calls "his Muse." Gutzman and White have appeared opposite each other on stage over a dozen times in the previous fifteen years. Beloved local actor David Flores played the earthy Nurse, Jeremy C. Welter played Friar Lawrence, and Jason Will, new to Off The Wall, tackled the difficult and showy role of Mercutio. Others in the talented cast included: Tairre Christopherson as Capulet, Donna Lobacz as Lady Capulet, Nathan Danzer as Benvolio, Max Williamson as Tybalt, Barbara Zaferos as Rosaline, and young Robert Preston as Paris. Lawrence J. Lukasavage, Paul Pfannensteil, Sandy Lewis, Mark Ninneman, and Donald Lobacz rounded out the cast. 

David Roper, OFF THE WALL wizard served as Technical Director, and legendary Lighting Director John R. Dolphin illuminated the tragedy and comedy of this remarkable romance. 

"Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow..."