By John Kander, Fred Ebb,
and Joe Masteroff

September 2014
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Here Life Is Beautiful!

Off The Wall Theatre opened its 2014-15 season with Dale Gutzman's powerful, shocking and innovative production of Kander and Ebb's musical masterpiece, CABARET

For this venture, the small Off The Wall space was turned into a run-down German Cabaret of 1933.  Here, people come to hide from the harsh realities knocking at their doors. Here, they sing and dance...and live and die. Cliff, the young American writer comes to the city looking for a muse, and finds her in Sally Bowles, a shoddy nightclub performer who hides behind a shimmering personality and green painted fingernails. Cliff, who is hiding from his own homosexuality, dreams that Sally might be the answer to his prayers. Fraulein Schneider dreams that she might once again find love and security for her boarding house, and Herr Schultz pretends that being a Jew is not a death warrant. And over all of these last ditch hopes and dreams, the painted, primping, emcee spins a world of magic for those who no longer believe in reality. 

You know the songs! They are a part of our musical theater heritage. Here, they were seen performed in a whole new light and with new meaning. 

Anne Van Deusen, Musical Director beyond compare, led the Cabaret orchestra down the Merry Road to Hell. Even our Band sang and danced! And as the CABARET world burned and crumbled around us, we in the audience realized that the show is unfortunately still all too relevant today! 

CABARET the musical doesn't grow old, it just becomes more potent! You will never forget Off The Wall Theatre's production of CABARET!
Starring Laura Monagle as Sally Bowles, Claudio Perrone as Cliff, Marilyn White as Fraulein Schneider, Lawrence J. Lukasavage as Herr Schultz, and Jeremy C. Welter as the Emcee. Along with an amazing and talented cast of singers, dancers and actors, each most unique in his or her own way. 

Along with an amazing and talented cast of singers, dancers and actors, each most unique in his or her own way; including: Nathan Danzer, Alejandra Gonzalez, Babara Zafferos, Thomas Welcenbach, Marann Curtis, Cari Dulan, Michelle White, Parker Vogel, Dan O'Dwyer, Matt Zeman, Paul Pfannenstiel, Patrick McCann, Max Williamson, and of course Sandy Lewis. 

David Roper served as Technical Director, creating our most ambitious theatrical environment yet. 

 Throw away all you pre-conceptions of "CABARET. "

You will never think of this show in the same way again!
"Life is a CABARET!"