By Yasmina Reza

Translated by
Christopher Hampton

Directed by
Jeremy C. Welter

February/March 2015

Two high-strung sets of parents meet for the first time with the intention of settling their sons' playground dispute like civilized adults. Their encounter frustrates everyone's best intentions in God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton, a viciously funny Tony Award winner for Best Comedy and long-running Broadway hit. 
"God of Carnage may be a familiar comic journey from A to B, but it travels first class."— The New York Times

When Alan and Annette’s son hits Michael and Veronica’s son with a stick, the two couples meet to discuss the problem over appetizers. What starts as a civilized get-together quickly devolves into a scrappy, laugh-out-loud evening that The New Yorker calls “ninety minutes of sustained mayhem.” OTW excitedly welcomed back Jeremy C. Welter (Alan), Donna Lobacz (Annette), Max Willamson (Michael), and Michelle White (Veronica) to bring the show to life. David Roper once again handled technical direction and set design.