Based on the Epic by Homer

Stage version by
Dale Gutzman
John Angelos

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April 2015

ODYSSEY, a new stage version of Homer's epic by Dale Gutzman and John Angelos brought this essential classic tale to the modern stage  in a startlingly creative manner. Not of one Age,  but for all Ages, this Grand Theatrical exercise explored through vivid imagery, searing drama, stunning spectacle, song and dance, and creative comedy, the Timeless and Timely story of a warrior's return to his wife and son after twenty years of battles and wanderings. Off The Wall Theatre's unique take on this world famous epic centered on "What makes a hero, and does becoming a hero, destroy the man?" 

Artistic Director Dale Gutzman worked with Classics Scholar John Angelos to bring to the stage a modern, fast moving adventure that is at the same time both sprawling and intimate. While Odysseus' many aquatic adventures both fantastic and erotic were treated with dramatic flair, the play centered on his longing to return to his wife and son...neither of whom know the man who has been gone for twenty years. 

Can a marriage like this be saved? What is the price of fame and fortune? Are Heroes intentionally or accidentally created?  Wizard Technical Director David Roper created a fantastic and multi-purpose milieu for the show in Off The Wall's intimate space. Elements as varied as Middle Eastern and Asian Theater and Modern musical comedy and Pop were used to guide us on this theatrical journey. Handmade masks, hundreds of feet of colorful material, puppets, a stage filled with threads of yarn, and a giant weather balloon all played a part in the proceedings.  The musical score for the production created by Gutzman, Roper, and Patrick McCann included ancient songs and modern pop tunes. 

Audiences familiar with the Witch Circle saw men turned into Pigs, Cyclops, the one-eyed giant, and the drug addicting Lotus Eaters, but they also thrilled to Odysseus doing battle with one hundred and twenty men, a trip through Hades with zombie like creatures, tempestuous sea storms, and the maddening Song of the Sirens! 

Playing the monumental role of Odysseus was Claudio Parrone Jr., who won accolades in 2014 as Cliff in Off The Wall's  production of CABARET

As his long suffering wife, Penelope and the Witch Circe, and the Enchantress Calypso, Jacqueline Roush returned to the Off The Wall stage. She was a favorite as Cinderella in our production of Into The Woods a few years ago. 

Patrick McCann, a new young actor with the company, who last appeared as Jennifer in Valley Of The Dolls, here played Telemachus, Odysseus' son. 
Tairre Christopherson, who last appeared in Romeo and Juliet, played the role of Zeus and also appears in other guises. 
Marann Curtis, was Athena, and Alejandra Gonzales was the Princess Nausicaa. 
Jeremy C. Welter, Off The Wall Associate Director, played the villainous suitor for Penelope's hand, Antinous, and Max Williamson, who scored big in both Rope and Valley Of The Dolls, played Eurymachus, his henchman. Rob Preston played Elpanor, the young innocent sailor who pays a terrible price for his adoration of Odysseus. 

Derek Lobacz played the Cyclops, and the many other characters in this imaginative adaptation were played by: Paul Pfannenstiel, James Feeley, Babara Zaferos, Barbara Weber, Mark Ninneman and Sandy Lewis.