Written and Directed
by Dale Gutzman

December 2014 / January 2015

Dale Gutzman's outrageous parody
of the most infamous film of all time:

The Valley Of The Dolls!

Yes, what started out to be a mega-super Hollywood extravaganza based on the best-selling novel dealing with the struggles of three young starlets, turned out to be one of the biggest fiasco in film history. And Off The Wall Theatre brought it to you live on stage in all of it's shoddy glory! Filled with non-hummable tunes that haunted the audience, Valley Of The Dolls was a must see to believe experience. Mark Hagen played Anne, the innocent young woman who moves to the big city to find a career. AND WHAT A CAREER SHE FINDS! Jeremy C. Welter played Neely, the self-serving ruthlessly ambitious star wannabe, and Patrick McCann played Jennifer, the huge breasted heart of gold girl whose only talent is her body! These three tore at the audiences heart-strings and at times mede them gag. They gasped as they encountered the men in their lives. Donald Lobacz as Lyon Burke, the man who beds all women and marries none, Max Williamson as Tony Polar, a God on the nightclub floor but a loser in life, and Robb Preston as Mel, a kind-hearted weakling who gets eaten alive by Neely's ambition. And even these unforgettable characters faded next to the biggest star on Broadway, J. F. Priesz as Helen Lawson, a woman with lungs and a heart of cast iron! Jacqueline Roush played Miriam, Tony's frigid sister with a deep dark secret that will shocked you. Others in this amazing story of stardom and failure included James Feeley as Ted Casablanca, a man of mysterious sexual tastes, Lawrence J. Lukasavage as the kindly no-loop holes lawyer, Mr. Bellamy, and Kristin Pagenkopf as the illusive Theme Song Singer. With a supporting cast too huge to mention, this show was a stage spectacular that hds to be seen to be believed. 

We saw Director Dale Gutzman spin a cast of twenty into swirling crowd scenes covering Show Business on two coasts and everywhere in between. We heard the amazing Jack Forbes Wilson's sparkling arrangements of perfectly forgettable mediocre songs, performed with great elan by the cast. 

And have we mentioned the DRUGS? All of our starlets had at least one bout with that horror of Hollywood, THE DRUG SCENE! And to help them along we included with each ticket a free bag of pills, so when our suffering sob-sisters indulged in their drugs...THW AUDIENCE JOINED THEM! Yes, a blinking light told audience members when to take their pills! 

With over a hundred costumes, many of which were purchased from resale shops, the cast dazzled the audience in stunning scene after scene. They will never forget: Anne's Photo Shoot, Neely's drunken on-set tantrum, Jennifer's French Art Film, Helen's show stopping number, "I'LL PLANT MY OWN TREE," or the famous Women's Toilet Cat Fight!