No Exit

by Jean Paul Sartre

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August 2016

Do you trust other people? 
Do you trust yourself? 
Do you trust your perceptions? 
Do you trust your memories? 
How do your actions label you to others?
Have you ever deeply hurt someone else? 
What, if anything, do you want to be remembered for? 
How did you get in hell? 

Three strangers find themselves locked in a small room together for eternity. 
     There is all the time in the world to help each other or to destroy each other. 
           Each of them has the secret to destroy the other two. 
                Each of them must honestly face his or her own secrets. 

Seventy-five minutes of theater never to be forgeten! 


Patrick McCann in his last performance before going to The Bristol Old Vic, one of the world's finest theater schools. 

Alicia Rice, a multi-talented actress and choreographer, remembered at Off The Wall for her performance in "Giovanni."

Zoe Schwartz, new to Off The Wall, but admired for her work at the Boulevard Ensemble and other local theaters. 

Presented in an audience surrounding environmental setting,
this is theater on the edge! 

"Hell Is Other People!"