The Skin of
our Teeth

by Thornton Wilder

June/July 2016

Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer prize winning play, "The Skin Of Our Teeth" is a timeless statement about humanity and all its foibles combining many styles of theatre including farce, burlesque, satire, and heartbreaking drama. The play concerns the eternal family narrowly escaping one disaster after another, from ancient times to present. 

This show has never been more potent! Directed by Dale Gutzman and technically directed by David Roper, "The Skin Of Our Teeth" stared; Jeremy C. Welter, recently praised for his portrayal of Hamlet, Carole Herbstreit- Kalinyen returning to the stage, Kathiamarice Lopez, who recently impressed audiences at Splinter Group, multi-faceted Off The Wall regular Patrick McCann , Calynn Klohn, Barbara Zaferos, Barbara Weber, Mark Ninneman, Lawrence j. Lukasavage, Jim Feeley, Sandy Lewis, Donnna Welter, and presenting talented newcomer to Off The Wall, Benjamin J. Ludwig

This is the perfect summer show for the entire family,
warm, witty, filled with hope and inspiration and timely as all get out!