presented September 2015

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Off The Wall Theatre began its 2015/16 season with one of the world's great comedies, Moliere's Tartuffe! Twice banned from the stage in its own time, this outrageous comedy of Hypocrisy, Misguided Faith, and The Family presented here in a brand new modern translation by Dale Gutzman.

Set in a modern, wealthy Parisian home, the family of Monsieur Orgon are distraught over his sudden overwhelming infatuation with an obnoxious, overbearing evangelist named Tartuffe. Orgon even connives to marry his daughter to the pontificating scoundrel! Tartuffe has moved in and takes over the house, daring to go so far as to try to seduce Orgon's faithful wife, Elmire. With the faithful servant Dorine in the lead, the family unite to expose Tartuffe (with his pants down) before he has totally destroyed Monsieur Organ. 

Laugh piles upon laugh with just enough room for some wise philosophizing on the subjects of obsession, family, politics and of course Love! 

For this wonderful comedy, Artistic Director Dale Gutzman not only fashioned a fast-paced, sly, modern version of the show, but he cast it with some of the finest actors in town! As Monsieur Orgon Randall Anderson, one of this city's most gifted actors. Randall previously appeared at Off the Wall in Gutzman's highly praised production of ROPE, and later in 2016 will  play Claudius in Off The Wall's production of Hamlet. As Elmire, his patient and clever wife Jacqueline Roush, who was last in Off The Wall's Odyssey! As Cleante, Elmire's even-tempered brother, the well known Jeremy C. Welter. As Dorine, the faithful maid who really runs the family Milwaukee favorite, Marilyn White. As Damis, the hot blooded teenage son of the family Patrick McCann who was a hit in the recent SPRING AWAKENING. As Mariane, the daughter about to be married off to the Monster Tartuffe Brittni Hesse. As Valere, Mariane's frustrated true love Sean Jackson, a most talented young actor new to Off The Wall Theatre. As Mme Pernelle, Orgon's maddening mother Kristin Pagenkopf. As Monsieur Loyal, a totally smarmy lawyer Off The Wall icon Lawrence J. Lukasavage. Also including Off The Wall regulars James Feeley and Sandy Lewis.

And as Tartuffe who else but the ubiquitous David Flores

This show contained: hiding under tables, scandalous behavior including knee grabbing, food fights, attacks with a butter knife and a fork, children showing disrespect for parents, parents showing disrespect for children, speeches about Women's Equality, servant disrespect for everyone, lewd humor, and worst of all, rhyming verse! All of this is performed amid Technical Director David Roper's whimsical, yet tasteful set!

Tartuffe by Moliere in a new translation by Dale Gutzman