Tom Jones
Harvey Schmidt

April 2017

The Fantastic Fantasticks

Off the Wall Theatre reached for a bit of magic in its production of the world's longest running musical, The Fantasticks

Director Dale Gutzman, who had previously done the show five times, brought to the intimate Off The Wall Theatre a personal, touching and beautiful version of this most beloved musical. 

With Music Direction by the very versatile Donna Kummer and Technical Direction by wizard David Roper, an aura of fantasy and romance filled the tiny theater space. 

Gutzman gathered together a multi-talented cast as well.  Jeremy C. Welter played El Gallo, the hypnotic, charismatic narrator. Maura Atwood who sparkles on stage, played the young dreamer Louisa. Daniel Slattery brought his considerable charm to Matt the boy who loves her. And as the fathers of the children, Gutzman relied on two Milwaukee theatrical veterans... Marilyn White and Carole Herbstreit-Kalinyen. Milwaukee favorites Tom Marks and Lawrence J. Lukasavage played the old Shakespearean Actor and his inept sidekick. Frank O'Dwyer was perfect as the Mute and Sandy Lewis played the Handy-person.

This was the perfect time for a warm, fuzzy, funny, romantic musical. 
A perfect time to remember the best times of our lives. 


"Try To Remember when Love was an Ember about to Billow!"