By William Shakespeare

June 2017

A play by William Shakespeare never to be forgotten. 

At a production at the Globe Theatre in London a few years ago, so overwhelming and powerful was the show, that at many performances people in the audience fainted. 

The play that was Shakespeare's most popular in his lifetime but seldom done since. 

A Play with new political power and meaning. 

A play that challenges the very rituals and beliefs of our lives. 

A play about family, revenge, war, religion, madness and love.

Off The Wall Theatre presented
William Shakespeare's
Titus Andronicus

It's as if Quentin Tarentino wrote his version of King Lear!

Dale Gutzman directed and stared as Titus in this amazing, shocking, Shakespearean nightmare.

With a cast that included:
Jeremy C. Welter as his loyal son Lucius; 
Maura Atwood as Lavinia, ravaged and mutilated daughter of Titus;
Jeff Grygny as his politician brother;
 Shayne Steliga as Aaron the Moore, a sensual, sexual man-monster;
Laura Monagle as Tamora, Queen of the Goths a woman of unbridled ambition; 
Nathan Danzer and Ben Braunas her two sadistic, morally twisted sons; 
James Strange and J.J. Gatesman as the two brothers fighting to take over the Roman Empire;

and with: 
James Donaldson, Jim Feeley, Mark Ninneman, Thomas Welcenbach, Ava Danzer, Sandy Lewis, Barbara Weber, Barbara Zaferos, Roger Uscila, Lawrence J. Lukasavage. 

This is the play you have heard about...where a mother is served a dinner of her own sons! 
This is the play where limbs get lopped and madness reigns. 
This is the play that sows the seeds for many later Shakespearean masterpieces. 

With technical direction by David Roper, and many seats removed, the tiny Off The Wall Theatre became even more intimate and in this case riveting!