in a modern translation by Dale Gutzman

presented February 2017

  • What happens when the Moral, Ethical, Social and Political systems by which you live break down? 
  • What happens when everything in which you believe is lost? 
  • What happens when you are torn from family and loved ones? 
  • What happens when order breaks down and chaos sets in?
 These questions might be asked of many people living in our world TODAY. They were explored beautifully and with great sensitivity in a play written by Euripides thousands of years ago. Some things never seem to change. Ancient Demons return to drag us back into the darkness. 

Off The Wall Theatre's Artistic director Dale Gutzman created a sleek modern retelling of Euripides' play. He worked for over a year with five different translations of the original, seeking to keep the poetic beauty and stature of Trojan Women, while at the same time making it eminently accessible to today's audiences.  Current events, including the controversy about immigrant and refugee status, made the play particularly potent for us. Art is one of the most powerful weapons we have to fight tyranny.  This production was an Ancient Masterpiece in a modern telling speaking to us with a voice that cannot be silenced. 

With a distinguished cast of some of Milwaukee's finest performers which included:

Marilyn White as Hecuba, once a Queen, now a war refugee. 
Laura Monagle as Andromache, her daughter in law, whose son will inherit a throne, if he lives! 
Alicia Rice as poor mad Cassandra, Hecuba's daughter with strange powers and gifts. 
Randall Anderson as Talthybius, a soldier torn between duty and guilt. 
Zoe Schwartz as Helen of Troy, victim or ruthless manipulator? 
James Strange as Menelaus, Helen's husband whose wrath caused a ten year war. 

And the Women of Troy, those who lost everything while their leaders struggled for power. 
Michelle Waide 
Sharon Nieman-Kobert
Barbara Zaferos
Barbara Weber 
Sandy Lewis 

And the Soldiers, who only find defeat in victory, loss with every gain. 
Thomas Welcenbach 
James Feeley

This was a play honoring the strength and resilience of Women.
This was a play about corruption among our leaders. 
It was a play for the Ages. 


Produced by
John Angelos, Marilyn Johnson

in a new version by Dale Gutzman

Technical Direction by David Roper