Old Lace

by Joseph Kesselring

December 2017

Off The Wall spent Christmas with the Brewster sisters, Abby and Martha, two sweet elderly ladies of wit and charm. Don't drink the wine. I repeat, do not drink the elderberry wine! And while their handsome young nephew Mortimer is a delight, even though he happens to be a drama critic, if the other nephew, Jonathan is around, do not stay for a visit! Jonathan is not a nice man and his associate Dr. Einstein as more than one screw loose. Speaking of loose screws, did you know that the third brother, Teddy, actually believes he is Teddy Roosevelt? 

I am speaking of course of the world famous classic comedy "Arsenic and Old Lace," the holiday offering by those crazy actors over at Off The Wall Theatre

You know how off the wall gets at Christmas! It's like the doctors have left the building and the lunatics run the asylum. It was no different in 2017 with Joseph Kesselring's "Arsenic And Old Lace". Our patrons were invited to enjoy our special "Holiday Punch" punch but not to drink the elderberry wine! 

And the actors! Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever seen such an ebullient collection of thespians together in one show? 

The illustrious Marilyn White and the effervescent Michelle Waide as the Brewster sisters! Mark Neufang as Mortimer Brewster the drama critic. Dale Gutzman as Jonathan Brewster, the mad criminal who looks like Boris Karloff.  Robert Zimmerman as Dr. Einstein the alcoholic plastic surgeon.  Alyssa Falvey as Elaine, Mortimer's befuddled but feisty fiancee Lawrence J. Lukasavage as crazy brother Teddy who thinks he president of the United States  and our own multi-talented Milwaukee theater fixture Jeremy C. Welter in four (count 'em) four different roles. 

Rounding out the cast were Mark Ninneman as a good cop, Thomas Welcenbach as a bossy cop, and Paul Pfannenstiel as a minister and Barbara Weber as a dead body. 

The show was directed by Dale Gutzman, designed by David Roper and the effervescent Sandy Lewis assisted the director. 

There were eleven performances from which to choose, plus a special New Year's Eve show with free food and drink! 


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