The Tragical History of
Dr. Faustus

by Christopher Marlow

March 2018

What price do people pay for power?
                   Political Power, Social Power, Personal Power over others.

Off The Wall Theatre,
John Angelos and Marilyn Johnson
proudly presened one of the greatest theater pieces ever written.

An exploration of how far a man is willing to go to control the world around him.

An exploration of how far a man is willing to go to control the world around him.

DR. FAUSTUS by Christopher Marlowe

You can sell your soul to the Devil in many ways.
      As Marlowe says in the play...
"hell is where we are!"
Off The Wall Artistic Director Director Dale Gutzman adapted this timeless classic for a modern audience. He set the play in Germany in the 1920's and '30's. And he used this time period to reflect our own. Dr. Faustus, a lonely, anti-social scholar makes a pact with Mephistopheles, agent of Satan to trade his soul for twenty four years of power. He achieves celebrity, makes sexual conquests, and toys with both the Pope and the Dictator. And in the end, realizes he has constructed his own private Hell around himself. But those around Faust are also affected by his bargain. We saw how his servant Wagner emulates his Master's climb to power. We learned how bullys and thugs are created. A salon singer presented to us songs of the period that reflect people dreams, hopes and fears.
We met Helen of Troy, Eva Braun and Hitler, and the Pope.
We suffered along with the persecution of the Jews.
We witnessed a Good and Bad Angel dispute over Faustus' fate

A true Masterpiece of Theater, was re-imagined in an exciting and potent way. The production included; a Black Magic Ceremony, a rousing German Beer Hall songfest, a twisted sexual orgy, scenes of comic hilarity and heart wrenching sorrow, explorations of the power of God and mans'free will, and Faustus' debate with Mephistopheles over the soul of Man.

Off The Wall Theatre, known for doing shows that you seldom get a chance to see in new and exciting ways, pulled out all the stops with this Timely Masterpiece.

Jeremy C. Welter as Dr. Faustus and James Strange as Mephistopheles. Max Williamson as Wagner, Faustus' sadistic servant and newcomer Jake Thompson as Robin, an innocent corrupted, Mohammad N. ElBsat as the Old Jewish Professor

Barbara Weber as The Good Angel and Nathan Danzer as The Bad Angel,
Cari Dulan as Helen of Troy and Eva Braun
Robert Hirschi as the Pope and Adolph Hitler
Mark Ninneman and William Molitor as Valdes and Cornelius two German Businessmen dabbling in Magic
James Feeley as Lucifer and Thomas Welcenbach as Beelzebub
Lawrence J. Lukasavage as Faustus' Demon Wife and the Bishop
Kristin Pagenkopf as the Salon Singer
Barbara Zaferos as the Nan Spit, the bar keep
and Sandy Lewis as Gluttony

Technical Director for the show, the amazingly talented David Roper

This elaborate production was sponsored by the kind support of
Marilyn Johnson and John Angelos
and the continued support of the Woehlck Family