of Chaillot

by Jean Giraudoux

Presented June 2018

What we need now is a play with hope
What we need now is a play with rich humor!
What we need now is a play with charm and style! 
What we need now is "The Madwoman Of Chaillot!" 

Dale Gutzman and Off The Wall Theatre proudly presented a brand new version of one of the world's most famous comedies, "The Madwoman Of Chaillot."   The Artistic Center of Paris is threatened when corrupt businessmen and politicians seek to drill for oil beneath the very streets where the "bohemians" live. Only Aurelia, the Madwoman of Chaillot can save them. She enlists the aid of her three mad associates, and like "the Four Musketeers" they do battle not only to save Paris but the entire world! 

Here is a "fantastic" comedy with very real bite to it. The play's wildly satiric attack on corporate greed, political corruption and the terrible waste of natural resources  makes for a potent evening of comedic theater. 

The cast of Eighteen of Milwaukee's best known actors was headed by the multi-talented Marilyn White. She has played everything from Juliet to Mother Courage, and with "Madwoman" she essayed one of the greatest female stage roles ever written. She was ably abetted by Christine Horgan, Caitlin Kujawski Compton and the inimitable drag goddess Maple Vaneer as her "Mad" companions. 

Robert Hirschi, Jeff Grygny, Sharon  Nieman-Koebert  and William Molitor played "The President, the Prospector, the Baroness, and the Broker,"  all more than willing to sacrifice Chaillot and its artistic inhabitants for their own selfish greed. 

One of the more interesting roles in the show is that of "the Ragman!"  In a virtuoso performance, he is called upon to defend the corrupt villains, and does so with a magnificent monologue. We were very lucky to have the creative Michael Pocaro to play this role for us. 

Other characters of Chaillot includeed: Barbara Weber as "the Sewerman," Barbara Zaferos as "the French Singer," Sandy Lewis as "the Mime,"  Lori Morse as "The Flower Seller," and Lawrence J. Lukasavage as "The Waiter of the Café." 

What is a comedy about Paris without Lovers?   Our lovers were played by Jenny Kosek as "Irma," a waitress who has learned how to survive on the streets and maintain a heart of gold and OFF THE WALL newcomer  Kyle Conner as Pierre a romantic young man who has fallen upon hard times. He is saved from a very unusual drowning by Mark Ninneman as the ever present "Parisian Policeman."

Add to the mix an invisible dog, ghostly voices, a secret passage, a stolen feather boa, and A BOMB, and our audiences had an evening of theater that bursted with laughter, love and warmth. 

Technical Direction by David Roper. Directed and Adapted by Dale Gutzman

This is a play that tackled equality, compassion, romance, technology, and faith!  Sometimes it takes the mad to save the sane!