"In The Still Of The Night" what mysterious goings-on within the wood? Lovers mismatched and out of their minds with forbidden thoughts and feelings. Revenge and Magic. Bestiality and Beguines! This is not your mother's midsummer madness! This is Shakespeare's most exotic, erotic romp, that amid the comedic chaos poses intriguing questions about Love, social obligations, the dark sides of our natures and our secret desires! And all of this mixed into a delightful cocktail of songs by Cole Porter!

Off The Wall Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream The Musical
by William Shakespeare and Cole Porter!

October 2017

The fairies cast their spells, the mechanicals rehearse their simple play and the lovers woo and war to the toe tapping tunes the the master of musical mirth!

"In the Still of the Night," "Be a Clown," "At Long Last Love," "From this Moment On," and more of your favorite Cole Porter tunes woven into this seamless tapestry of mirth, mystery and magic.

Dale Gutzman directed and 
Donna Kummer musical directed with
David Roper serving as technical director.

The Set: A Bed, Balloons,
Some Masks And A Moon!

The outstanding cast:
David Flores as Puck
Laura Monagale as Hippolyta/Titania
Ben George as Theseus/Oberon
Jeremy C. Welter as Bottom
Robert Hirschi as Peter Quince
James Strange as Flute/Thisbe
Alicia Rice as Helena
Liz Mistele as Hermia
Max Williamson as Lysander
Jake Konrath as Demetrius
Lawrence J. Lukasavage as Snout/Wall
Mark Ninneman as Starvling/Moonshine
Sandy Lewis as Snug/Lion
William Molitor as Egeus
Michelle White as Peaseblossom
Barbara Zaferos as Cobweb
Barbara Weber as Mustardseed

The magic spell has been cast...
The fun's begun...
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Only two weekends

The battle of the sexes or the battles of sex! 
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"
 is often called Shakespeare's most erotic play. It deals wisely and cleverly with the mishaps caused by our desires and our refusal to admit to the darker sides of our natures. 

Just think of a few of the relationship problems in the play: 

  • Duke Theseus has captured and kidnapped Queen Hippolyta. Now he wants to marry her, 
  • and he thinks everything will be just fine! 
  • Egeus demands that his daughter Hermia be killed if she will not marry his choice for her husband! 
  • Demetrius wants to marry Hermia...but has secretly made love to Helena! 
  • Hermia Loves Lysander, but their love is not mature. It is colored by romantic notions. Neither of them understand the role of sex in love. 
  • Oberon, the King of the Fairies and his mate Titania have both cheated on each other numerous times. When they fight, the entire world is affected! 
  • In fact the only untainted love in the play is the love expressed by the clown mechanicals in their production of 'Pyramus and Thisbe!' 
This is serious business, and although the play is often presented as a meaningless circus of mirth and laughter, there is serious stuff going on here. That does not mean that we mortals in our most serious dilemmas are not hysterically funny at times. What fools we mortals be!

Cole Porter, that Master Sophisticate of Song, also understood the foibles of human sexuality are both sad and funny. His potent lyrics and marvelous melodies allow us to smile and smirk with a tear in our eye and a melancholy nod of the head.

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Off The Wall Theater continues to take theatrical risks that both delight and disturb!
Now in its 18th year, off the wall survives by sheer Theatrical Chutzpah !
Dale Gutzman is no longer a theater director...he is a force of nature!

" Love Can Transform!" This production was produced through the wonderful co-operation with David Paris, a true champion of Milwaukee Theater. 

 Special thanks also to the Woehlck family whose support has kept our theater alive these many years. 

Below are photos of just a few moments in a bedtime row
between the lovers, Jake, Alicia, Liz and Max!

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