April/May 2018

  • A lonely house in the middle of the woods.
  • An emotionally repressed housekeeper to a nasty wheelchair bound old woman.
  • A headless female body found buried nearby.
  • A cocky young visitor who ingratiates himself into the household!
  • A heavy old hatbox containing something horrifying!

These are just a few of the elements that make-up the classic English thriller "Night Must Fall" by Emlyn Williams. The play is so gripping it has twice been made into a cult film; once with Robert Montgomery and once with Albert Finney. Dan is the name of the visitor, and he becomes entangled with the Old Lady and the up-tight niece Olivia who takes care of her when he gets the servant girl Dora pregnant. How cleverly he cons the old woman until she begins to think of him as her son. Olivia is on to Dan almost at once, but she also has a strange attraction to him. Mrs. Terrence the cook and Hubert, Olivia's erstwhile fiancé round out this unique household.

Slow and plodding, but thorough and intriguing Inspector Belsize arrives to announce a horrible murder/mutilation in the area. Olivia decides to play "detective" on her own. To say more would be...well...dangerous! 

As always Off The Wall Theatre director Dale Gutzman brings this nail biting thriller to the stage in an adventurous new way. Within a set of heavy red curtains littered with roses, he invites his actors to play out the sometimes violent actions of the play, using the intimate Off The Wall space in to literally drop the horror right into the laps of the audience. 

"Not only is the play a truly fun-filled suspense experience, but it makes some important statements about the roles of women in our society. It also explores the separation between Fantasy and Reality. We all have secret fantasies, but some people actually begin to live-out those fantasies at the expense of reality." 

David Roper technical directed and Jake Russell created a unique and innovative Soundscape that actually interacted with the actors in real time. The play is a classic, but this production was cutting-edge. Sandy Lewis and Lawrence J. Lukasavage assisted Mr. Gutzman

The Cast consisted of: 
Mark Neufang as Dan, the mysterious visitor 
Jenny Kosek as Olivia who is both taken with him and repulsed by him. 
Donna Lobacz as the bullying wheelchair-bound tyrant of the house. 
Jeremy C. Welter as Hubert, Olivia's tedious but well meaning fiance.
Caitlin Kujawski Compton as Dora, the forlorn maid who is in the family way. 
Gladys Chmiel as the wise and unfiltered cook. 
and James Strange as Inspector Belsize of Scotland Yard. 

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