September October 2018

Rock Your Fall with Off The Wall! 
A wild wooly, wacky, Will as  you have never seen him. 
Mr. Shakespeare's outrageous comedy 

"The Taming Of The Shrew!"

But wait a minute!  Was this show appropriate for the "Me Too" generation? 

What exactly is a Shrew, and is it appropriate for anyone to be "tamed?"

Only Dale Gutzman would  attack this sensitive theatrical subject head-on. 

The "Battle of the Sexes" becomes the "Battle of two Outsiders against The System." 
Nothing is what it seems in this vibrant, in your face, fast paced version of one of 
Shakespeare's most famous plays. 

A brilliant cast of sixteen of Milwaukee's most courageous actors
  were led by
Alicia Rice as Kate 
Jake Russell as Petruchio
Jenny Kosek as Bianca 
Nathan Danzer as Lucentio 
James Strange as Baptista 
Jeremy C. Welter as Hortensio
Randall Anderson as Tranio 
James Feeley as Gremio
Max Williamson as Grumio 
Caitlin Kujawski Compton as Biondella 
Barbara Weber as The Widow 
Mark Ninneman as Vincentio 
William Molitor as the Merchant 
Lawrence J. Lukasavage as Curtis 
Sandy Lewis as Peter 
Roger Uscila as the Tailor 

Food Fights, Fist Fights, Foaming Beer and Boxing Matches!
The music of The Smiths under, around and over the dialogue
A most Erotic Music Lesson, Disguises, Dressing and Undressing, 
Was Shakespeare rolling in his grave or roaring with laughter? 

Dale Gutzman who has long been known as Milwaukee's Shakespeare Expert brought us 
the most irreverent production of this play ever seen here...and perhaps anywhere. 

Our audiences laughed until they cried and cried until they laughed!

Technical Direction was by David Roper